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Specialist Property Developers

From luxury construction projects to building extensions and financing there is no project that Moss Properties can't handle.
We have earned a reputation for providing agile and responsible property development services for a large range of commercial and individual customers. We can build, renovate, refurbish and extend property of all types whilst helping you finance it all with our sister company AA Mortgage Gateway.

So, why choose us for property development in London, Bournemouth, Essex and beyond?


It takes the right team, for the right result
One of the advantages offered by Moss Properties is that our London Build, Design & Financing services rely on carefully selected subcontractors and suppliers. We only use local designers, architects and other specialist sub-contractors plus our sister finance company who have impeccable credentials and an unblemished track record. By working with other companies who have also earned industry-wide respect, Moss Properties can provide property development services that clients can trust 100%.

Ultimate in property development control

This partnership with leading subcontractors and suppliers runs alongside our own stringent management systems.
Our aim is to always complete property development projects on time, on budget and to exact specifications. Whether that’s a home extension, refurbishing a major commercial premises or building new properties.
Our tight control over all work carried out on your property development extends right down to the smallest details. We offer an end to end service, from initial property concepts and locations, to the fixtures and fittings in stunning new buildings.
Clients can take advantage of this complete property development package for London and beyond. Or, they can select individual property services from our expert portfolio.
We are always happy to work in synergy with existing contractors and suppliers, to ensure full satisfaction with the property development outcome.

Environmental property development in London, Bournemouth, Essex and beyond

All the services we provide balance both the need to meet tight deadlines, and the need to achieve high quality standards. We are also constantly vigilant to both compliance issues and contemporary demands for environmental awareness.
Our stance as an environmentally conscious property development company for London, Bournemouth and Essex means we use the latest in sustainable and responsibly produced materials in many of our projects. We can also meet briefs for energy efficient buildings and we neutralise our carbon footprint as much as possible.

Meeting modern property specifications

Much of our successful track record for property development comes from the way we can apply our expertise, insights and carefully selected partners to any project. This hinges on constructive listening skills. We work hard to have a full understanding of our clients' visions and aims.
We build, renovate, refurbish and extend to create the project you want and need, leaving you entirely happy with the result - from the location and basic structure to advanced modern features.
For example, if you are constructing a smart home or office, or upgrading existing technological support, Moss Properties can provide property management services that equip buildings for the future.
This is just one of the ways we are staying ahead of demands for intelligent property development in the South East.
For briefs of all types and sizes, we don’t rest until our clients sign off on properties.

Call us today to discuss your property management project and benefit from a no-obligation and no cost quote, from a team that prides itself on a reputation for excellence.


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