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Property Search & Acquisition Service

Moss Properties helps people from experienced investors with a large portfolio, to those seeking their very first London buy-to-let investment.  

Based on our vast experience of London’s different localities each investment search is tailored to your individual requirements.  

Our typical investment search is as follows:


Understanding Your Aims

  • Type of property you’re looking for: development, auction property, refurbishment property, buy to let?
  • How long you intend to keep the asset.
  • Do you intend to manage it, through an agent or directly?
  • Do you have a plan to release equity from the property post completion?
  • Are you more motivated by capital growth or rental return?

Property Search and Previews

Through our network, we access properties, and land for development that have not yet hit the market. We assess every property we preview against others sold in the area, look at potential for capital growth in the area, cost per square foot value, projected rental yield, maintenance cost and shortlist the best ones for you.

Property Viewing

We’ll arrange a personal tour, so you can view the short-listed properties consecutively at a convenient time for you.


Once we have found your ideal investment property, we identify any legal considerations and benchmark the property against others sold in the area. We will look at potential for capital growth in the area, cost per square foot value, projected rental yield and maintenance cost.



We can assist you through our sister company AA Mortgage Gateway to mortgage the property if finance is required.

Oversee Legal Process to Completion

Our role at this stage is to manage the process as closely as possible. We make sure all parties communicate openly and punctually, so your purchase proceeds on schedule. We are there to translate any potential problems that may arise and if need be, introduce you to surveyors, architects, builders or managing agents.


Customer Due Diligence

*Due Diligence Documentation. We require certified copies of your passport(s) or other ID document and original/certified copies of a recent utility bill confirming your residential address. We will also require confirmation of all countries in which you are tax resident and the relevant tax identification number.

*Source of funds and source of wealth. We are required by our Regulator to both identify the source of any funds being introduced and satisfy ourselves as to the original source of the wealth which generated these funds. As such we will need clear details of your occupation(s) and source of funds being introduced.

*Tax advice. It is our recommendation that independent tax advice be sought prior to implementing any structure and we would request sight of any such advice received.




Moss Properties Build & Design have immediate cash funds available to purchase property in London. We are currently looking for: 

  • Flats and houses in any condition
  • Part complete developments
  • Unmortgageable properties
  • Derelict, vacant or squatted buildings
  • Tenanted properties
  • Land / buildings with or without planning permission
  • Residential properties with short leases
  • Buildings with structural problems  

If you own a property that fits the above requirements or know of a property that may be of interest to Moss Properties Build & Design, please contact us.

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